300 Kendalwood Road, Whitby, Ontario
Tel: (905) 434-8300
Saturday - Bible Study 9:15 a.m. Worship Service 11:00 a.m.
Wednesday - Prayer Service 7:00 p.m.

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300 Kendalwood Road,

Whitby Ontario, Canada

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Kendalwood Seventh Day Adventist Church

The Kendalwood Seventh-day Adventist church opened its doors 1959, but the congregation's history is almost twice as long. The church's roots date back to 1912 when the Seventh-day Adventist church members in Ontario decided to move their school from Lorne Park to the location now known as Kingsway College. Members living in the downtown area found it difficult to meet there and began looking for a meeting place to meet their needs.

Initially they rented halls such as the Sons of England Hall above Tamblyns Drug Store, the Knights of Pythias Hall above Burns Shoe Store and the Masonic Hall on Centre Street. Not content to continue renting, a property was acquired on the corner of Albert and John Streets in Oshawa in the early 1930s and a church building was erected in 1934. Its official name was the Oshawa City Church, but it became to be known as the "Albert Street Church." The original building still stands today and is now home to United Steelworkers Union Hall. The congregation met at Albert Street for the next 25 years until they outgrew the building. So, it was decided under the leadership and inspiration of the minister, Pastor G. E. Anderson and the head elder, Monte Myers that a new church should be built.

An extensive fund-raising program was launched and before long the Albert Street Church was sold and 2 acres were purchased on Kendalwood Road for $9,000.00. This location has the distinction of being the highest elevation for an 80 kilometre (50-mile) radius. Constructing the church was a labour of love. Everyone in the congregation helped out with the building efforts. Roy Smith donated his equipment and time to dig out the foundation of the church. In a testament to the craftsmanship, the original pews are still being used today. They were only recently padded. The "Behold He Cometh" sign at the front of the church has not changed, neither has our mission to communicate His everlasting, life-changing gospel to the surrounding community. In 1995 the church underwent another expansion to meet the needs of a growing congregation. Head elder Cliff Patterson was the driving force behind the expansion project. As a result of the vision, faithfulness and sacrifice on the part of our loyal pioneers, we worship today in a beautiful church that is debt free.

Kendalwood Facts:

  • Total seating capacity: 364
  • Widest point : 52 feet
  • Length: 154 feet
  • Total cost to build: $75,286.69
  • Church mortgage was paid off on Dec. 31,1967
  • First Service: Oct. 17, 1959
  • First Marriage: Stan and Helga Kemperle (shortly after Kendalwood opened)
  • Lightning once struck the roof.

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